From: NM on
On 3 Mar, 08:58, Doug <jag...(a)> wrote:

> So if I am held up by a traffic jam due to too any cars it is the
> drivers who are at fault, particularly when I am trying to emerge from
> a side turning?

No. You wait for a suitable opening. The drivers are not deliberatly
blocking your way they are using the highway in a normal manner.

From: Christopher Bowlas on
On Mar 2, 10:50 pm, "Steve Walker" <spam-t...(a)> wrote:
> Doug wrote:
> > To be honest, you would probably have a more sensible conversation
> > with a mugger.
> Thankyou for acknowledging that, it does you credit.

Perhaps he had suffered from a bout of temporary sanity?
From: Christopher Bowlas on
On Mar 2, 6:11 pm, Huge <H...(a)nowhere.much.invalid> wrote:
> > Doug wrote:
> >> On 2 Mar, 16:15, Huge <H...(a)nowhere.much.invalid> wrote:
> >>> On 2010-03-02, Pedt <"\"@ @\""> wrote:
> >>>> Whilst two wrongs, if the second is true, don't make a right perhaps you
> >>>> could clarify once and for all as you usually wriggle. A simple yes or
> >>>> no will suffice.
> >>>> A) Do you approve of cyclists blocking junctions to other road users?
> >>>> B) Do you approve of cyclists ignoring red lights?
> >>> I care about off-topic cross-postings. Does that count?
> >>> (Hint: This is completely off-topic in u.r.d.)
> >> What, a driver physically threatening a cyclist with a car-weapon, as
> >> often happens in the UK, and on a newsgroup that frequently demonises
> >> cyclists? It is difficult to imagine anything more on-topic.
> *None* of the postings in this 'debate' are on-topic in uk.rec.driving
> since they have nothing to do with recreational driving.


Do some drivers knock down or run over Dougs for a living and, if so,
how much do they usually charge?
From: Christopher Bowlas on
On Mar 2, 8:25 pm, "Steve Walker" <spam-t...(a)> wrote:
> I own approximately 3 bicycles, 1 pram and a zimmer frame (well, they're all
> tangled on my bull-bars anyway).

Did you remember to claim double points for the pram?
From: Ophelia on

"Steve Walker" <spam-trap(a)> wrote in message
> Peter Grange wrote:
>> On Tue, 2 Mar 2010 15:18:40 -0000, "Mr Benn" <nospam(a)invalid.invalid>
>>> "Peter Grange" <peter(a)> wrote in message
>>>> Hang on! Doug started this rant about motorists. The motorist faction
>>>> comes in and complains about cyclists. A cyclist responds complaining
>>>> about motorists, the motorist faction comes back with "tu quoque".
>>> I'm a cyclist who also owns a car. I'm not the "motorist faction"
>>> whatever that is.
>> I too am a cyclist who drives a car, I apologise for including you
>> with the motorist faction.
> I own approximately 3 bicycles, 1 pram and a zimmer frame (well, they're
> all tangled on my bull-bars anyway).
> Does that count me in?

lol not too sure about the pram though:)

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