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>> The suspended driver and illegal immigrant blew a red light and
>> slammed a pickup into a minivan near 180th Street and West
>> Center Road in May � killing 4-year-old van passenger Josie
>> Bluhm.
>> For those actions, Eleazar Rangel-Ochoa pleaded no contest
>> Tuesday to driving under suspension, a felony, and misdemeanor
>> motor vehicle homicide.
>> And Rangel-Ochoa remains distraught, his attorney said.
>> He isn't the only one. Josie's loved ones, including parents
>> Kyle and Jayme Bluhm, have had to carry on without their 4-year-
>> old middle child � a blonde-haired, blue-eyed bundle of fun.
>> Jayme Bluhm was driving the couple's three children, then ages
>> 5, 4 and 1, to day care on May 12, when the crash happened,
>> prosecutors said.
>> �All of these cases are horrible,� said prosecutor Matt Kuhse,
>> who handles Douglas County's motor-vehicle homicide cases. �But
>> it's particularly troubling when it's a child who is so, so
>> young � especially when her life ended in such a violent way.�
>> Rangel-Ochoa's case has been marked with questions about why he
>> was driving and why he was still in the country after three
>> drunken-driving convictions.
>> Rangel-Ochoa's attorney, Joe Lopez-Wilson, said Rangel-Ochoa,
>> 27, is torn up over his actions � and has little explanation for
>> why he was driving.
>> Lopez-Wilson said Rangel-Ochoa got behind the wheel of the
>> pickup because the truck's owner wasn't going to work that day.
>> Rangel-Ochoa and his two passengers were headed to work at a
>> construction site.
>> The attorney said he was uncertain whether Rangel-Ochoa's two
>> passengers could have driven, or whether they had driver's
>> licenses. Rangel-Ochoa didn't. His driver's license had been
>> suspended for 15 years after his third-drunken driving
>> conviction in 2003.
>> It also was unclear why Rangel-Ochoa hadn't been deported after
>> his drunken-driving convictions � all of which preceded 2003.
>> Lopez-Wilson, who handles immigration cases, said that, back
>> then, authorities were more concerned with illegal immigrants
>> who committed violent offenses.
>> Shortly after the crash, Lopez-Wilson said, his client wanted to
>> �man up� by pleading to the charges against him. Lopez-Wilson
>> said he wouldn't let Rangel-Ochoa do so until the attorney had a
>> chance to review the charges and all of the evidence. (Rangel-
>> Ochoa wasn't drunk that morning � hence the misdemeanor motor
>> vehicle homicide charge.)
>> Rangel-Ochoa faces up to six years in prison � five years for
>> driving under suspension, one year for motor vehicle homicide �
>> when he is sentenced in December. Immigration and Customs
>> Enforcement officials have a deportation hold on him now � and
>> Rangel-Ochoa is expected to be deported after he serves his
>> sentence.
>> �From Day One, he was distraught,� Lopez-Wilson said. �Every
>> time I talk to him, he's downtrodden.
>> �He knows whatever happens to him in court is temporary. He's
>> going to have to deal with the consequences of what he did for
>> the rest of his life.�
> Yes, Mexicans are the only people who ever have auto accidents. Thanks
> for enlightening us.

He shouldn't have been here to have that accident. Now you are enlightened.