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> I was wondering what happened to our little brain dead troll

The board notes you evaded the issue and made a personal attack instead.
It must really suck to be a hater.
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> The board notes you evaded the issue and made a personal attack instead.  
> It must really suck to be a hater.

Must suck to be you.
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> It must really suck to be a hater.

ROTFLMAO I hope you realized that the handle you use proves you are a


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> "Our plan is to wait until the week of Jan. 4 to begin removing and
> modifying the signs, weather permitting. For us, the big issue will be
> the weather,"

Thanks for the information and now I won't expect Illinois to change the
signs on January first.

> * Iowa: 70

but you also will find a lot of trucks in Iowa doing less than 65 where I
might be one of them.

> Texting and driving, and talking on a cell phone in construction and
> school zones, also will be banned Jan. 1 in Illinois.

Yes. Thanks for mentioning that too and I wonder if signs for that will go
up January 4th.

> One measure signed in August by Gov. Pat Quinn will make it illegal to
> "compose, send or read text messages, e-mail on a cell phone, or surf
> the Internet while driving." The ban also includes personal digital
> assistants and portable or mobile computers but does not include
> global positioning or navigation systems.

No Internet while driving and does not include GPS. So where does that put
Google Maps for Mobile where it uses the GPS and the Internet for the data?
It looks like it will be OK.

More on Google Maps for Mobile can be found at:


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>> On 2009-12-07, lyon_wonder <lyon_won...(a)> wrote:
>> > He said the central shop produces 70,000 signs a year for use
>> > statewide ? everything from yield to tourism signs ? but about 40,000
>> > to 50,000 are refurbished signs. The recycled signs are flattened,
>> > stripped of lettering and paint with high-pressure water, ?kissed?
>> > with a belt sander down to the basic aluminum and repainted.
>> What a waste of money. It's just standard AL sheet.
>Which aluminum alloy is "standard"...?

5052. Any more questions?
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