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On Mon, 23 Nov 2009 19:18:52 GMT, Harry Bloomfield
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>Ed Chilada formulated on Monday :
>>> Something didn't sound right about this story, so I've checked the
>>> location. As I thought Bloomfield's description of the location is
>>> bollocks. Heading east the lanes are L1 & 2 for Northbound M1, L3 for
>>> Southbound M1, Lanes 4 and 5 for M62. There is no solid line between
>>> lanes 1 and 2, there is a chevron painted "tiger tail" island between
>>> lanes 2 and 3.
>You omitted the fact that I made mention of him switching lanes several
>times prior, so I had obviously made no attempt to prevent him moving
>into the lane I was in. If you follow the lanes back, there is only one
>lane for M1 north to the west in the photo.
>His final move, was to illegally and very abruptly cross, without
>seeming to look, but certainly not signal- from the far side of what
>you describe as a 'tiger tail' into the lane I was occupying. He had
>appeared to settle on the lane to take him south on the M1 via the
>round about, then as the speed of vehicles started to pick up in the
>north bound lane (at the end of a 50 restriction) he without a thought
>or care for his or anyone else's safety had simply yanked the wheel
>hard over to cross to the north bound lane and directly into the side
>of my vehicle.
>Final comment - do grow up!

Er.. you seem to have given the impression that I wrote all of that. I
didn't actually write any of it. Before you write your final comment,
next time check whether any of the preceding text is actually correct.