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>>>>> I find that often I am following a car, which suddenly rams on it's
>>>>> brakes and indicates to turn left immediately when they get to the
>>>>> turning!
>>>>> I was always taught to indicate early at least 50 - 100 yards before
>>>>> the turnoff, but few, if any drivers these days do that, they all seem
>>>>> to wait until they are just about to turn then indicate and turn.
>>>> You find that they actually indicate?
>>>> And with traffic lights near me, my road and the opposite road are
>>>> single lane, so both sides either turn right, left or go straight on.
>>>> When we change to amber I indicate to turn right and wait for the dope
>>>> opposite to let me know where he's going.
>>> Why do you wait for an amber light to tell others around you what your
>>> intentions are? You should be signalling as you approach the lights,
>>> whilst waiting and as you move off.
>> Cos i'm sick and tired of replacing indicator bulbs.
> I have never changed an indicator bulb in my 8 year old car and I signal
> whenever I'm turning or changing lane etc.
> Had you thought that the people you are complaining about are also
> thinking exactly the same of you. I certainly would be if I came up behind
> you at the lights and positioned my car to follow you 'straight on' as you
> are signalling in neither direction. As the lights change and we all set
> off your sudden 'decision' to turn right would be extremely annoying! Same
> thing when facing you at the lights - you are signalling straight on,
> therefore I know there is no rush to set off as my path to turn right will
> be blocked. As the lights change you suddently decide to turn right and I
> now have an opportunity to turn, but I'm set up for a slow casual crawl
> forward until there is a break in the 'straight on' traffic that you are
> leading.

Isn't it amazing how one can argue in many ways about the same thing. What
you say is perfectly correct. I indicate when the opposing lights turn amber
to stop the flow so I don't suddenly decide then move off. You could also
argue that if you actually see someone start to indicate it could be more
accurate than someone sitting there indicating because it was left on from a
previous manoeuver.
Here's another one then, you have 3 lanes marked with arrows, left, right
and straight on. You're in the right hand lane to turn right, do you sit
there indicating for 3 minutes? Do you indicate at all? Everyone and his dog
can see where you intend to go.
In any event, trust no-one.