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> "Just as in the 2009 APEAL study, all three Japanese mass market
> brands � Toyota, Honda and Nissan -- scored below the industry
> average. In this year�s study, Toyota also ranked next to last, just
> ahead of Jeep.
> The "report card showed the Detroit Three automakers catching and, in
> some cases, surpassing Asian and Europe competitors as the domestic
> brands, on average, outscored import brands for the first time in 13
> years.
> The Automotive Performance, Execution and Layout (APEAL) Study
> received 76,000 consumers� assessments on about 80 criteria after
> driving their 2010 model vehicles for three months. Power researchers
> collected responses between February and May of this year, added the
> scores and ranked 33 brands on a 1,000-point scale.
> .-automotive-brands-outpace-rivals-in-new-J.D.-Power-survey

I wonder how much GM paid for that "study".

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>>> .-automotive-brands-outpace-rivals-in-new-J.D.-Power-survey
>> I wonder how much GM paid for that "study".
> So was Toyota paying for years when they were at the top of this same
> "study?" I have to love the Toyota drones sense of perspective. Apparently
> they think if you are not on your knees kissing Toyota's butt you are in the
> pay of someone else. Get a clue - Toyota is just another just another car
> company out to separate you from your money just like GM.
> Ed White
I have never owned a Toyota. I have never even test driven a Toyota
(because the local dealer is a total butt, not anything to do with the
cars). I have owned a Pontiac, a Chevrolet, 3 Oldsmobiles, 3 Fords, a
Chrysler, 3 Hondas, an Acura, 2 Nissans and 4 Infinitis. Enjoyed every one
of them. In my experience, the Infinitis have been far and away the most
fun to drive, and also in my experience, the least expensive to maintain.

Get a clue yourself Ed. I did not mention the word Toyota anywhere in my