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:: > Cannot think of many things that are as dangerous as spearing down the
:: > front of 8m waves in a storm, while desperately trying to keep the boat
:: > upright :-)
:: Jumping out of a perfectly good airplane from 5000ft and relying on a
:: bit of canvas to stop you from turning into a blob of strawberry jam on
:: ground springs immediately to mind :)
:: --
:: Regards,
:: Noddy.
: I can add a few things there:
: * Potholing (Not one that I would even want to attempt!)
: * Deep sea diving
: * Taking a ride in a Brisbane cab after midnight
: * Compeditive Rally driving (almost the same as the last line that one)
: * Abseiling
: All these are very calculated risks, very dangerous but very calculated...
: That Mother nature wouldnt just lay down and stop if she got herself into
trouble and scared. Out
: there she would be dead before she got rescued should the worst have

Yep done all that and had to come here for some extra excitement. Riots,
earthquakes, pirates, raskols and Tsunami are all risks and as I have been
through 4 they are far scarier than those on the list as nothing is under

Calculated risk is what life is about. Some people are happy just to live
their lives chasing the mighty buck, some aren't.

Brad Leyden
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> Could do with some more hype, what do you reckon?

Next around the world water challange should be done on one of these. ;)


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> OzOne(a) wrote:
>> Or are you of the opinion that real estate agents are all
>> rich.....despite working two jobs?
> If they can afford not to work, while she goes sailing around the world
> ....

Just shows what the integrity of a real estate salesman is
Money, money, money, really funny, it's a rich man's world

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>"Neil Gerace" <grassynoel(a)> wrote in message
>> If they can afford not to work, while she goes sailing around the world
>> ....
>They might not have a garage full of Ferrari's, but they're clearly not
>picking up food parcels at St. Vinny's :) most average Australians.

OzOne of the three twins

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> >> >> >Sure...a crew of ten aboard a 34 foot yacht?
> >> >> >come on, you claim to know everything about boats
> >> >> >You would be lucky to fit a crew of five aboard a small boat that
> >size.
> >> >>
> >> >> What?
> >> >> 8 to 10 would be quite normal for a race like Hobart.
> >> >> One crew on deck, the other below
> >> >
> >> >As he said, not on a yacht *that size*. On a 70 footer yes, but *very*
> >> >rarely with 9/10th crew below deck in any case.
> >> >
> >> Smallest yachts would carry a min of 6 (regulations) and the big boats
> >> in excess of 20, as high as 25.
> >
> >Of course, but they are not 10M, nor with 9/10 crew below deck very
> Smallest yachts are that small

Of course, and those don't have 20-25 crew. Not even common for a 10M yacht
to have 10 crew either.

>....and being racing rather than
> cruising designs, have finer lines and so less room below.
> and who said anything about 9/10 crew below.

You said "8 to 10 would be quite normal for a race like Hobart. One crew on
deck, the other below" which is 9/10th of a 10 man crew below deck is it

>...not at all unusual for the helmsman to be on
> deck with only one other crewman while others go below.

I'd say more unusual than common. Sure it can happen if they are lucky
enough to be sailing straight with the wind, and perhaps when utterly
becalmed, but more often they are working on deck or hanging over the side
when actually racing.