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>She sailed a *long* way short of around the world, in an unsinkable boat,

You really DON'T know anything about boats!

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On 5/18/2010 8:55 AM, Clocky wrote:
> jonz wrote:
>> On 5/16/2010 7:32 PM, OzOne(a) wrote:
>>> You clowns can't wear anyone doing anything can you!
>>> Pack of overweight lounge lizards each and every one!
>> ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
>> heh, yeah that sizes the cuntz up.....
> 5 years of training and an daddy's open cheque book could get even you up to
> the task.
> Don't expect anyone to get too excited about the return of a fat and ugly
> slob though, you're not a commodity that is saleable.
that yer best shot crappy?.......yer slipping......HEHEHEH.

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Seems like a lucky girl with great connections and parents with great marketing skills to conjure up
some sponsors.

"Still seeking a naming sponsor for her voyage, Jessica has enjoyed early support from Australian
adventurers Don and Margie McIntyre who are full of praise for the 15 year old sailor. The
McIntyre's, from Tasmania, are well known for their sailing and Antarctic expeditions (Don has
sailed solo around the world) and have purchased the yacht for Jessica and provided much of the
equipment she will use."

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> 7months in a leaky boat?

Who said the boat was leaky? :)

> Could be the name of a new song! Every boat leaks remember. And so she
> should have all that survival gear don't you think? She survived didn't
> she?

This is precisely the point Woger.

She made the trip with enough equipment to ensure that the risks were at an
absolute minimum. It was *calculated*. She wasn't setting off throwing
caution to the wind and relying soley on her boating skills to see her

> I'm not sure if she does have millionaire parents. Do you have any
> authentication on that statement?

Only what's been reported in the media.

> Excuse me. Perhaps you could enlighten us on just how many 16 year old
> girls and boys for that matter have achieved anywhere near what she has
> done. Do you know what it would be like to be
> 1. On your own for 7 months.
> 2. Getting tossed around in uncertain weather for 7 months.
> 3. Knowing for 7 months if you got hit by the boom, there was no one to
> rescue you.
> 4. Now maybe you should get off your high horse and be a little bit
> understanding of other people, even if it is for only 7 months, you might
> even get to like it.

All I've been saying all along here Woger is that her "voyage", as epic as
it was, need to be put into *perspective*. I've said before and will say so
again it wasn't a walk in the park and she no doubt faced some issues, but
the carry on both here and in the media makes it sound like she spent 7
months in a concentration camp.

She was sailing a *Yacht* Woger. Not every single minute of the day would
have been unpleasant :)


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> But as a cruising destination it isn't anything special, pick your time
> and your biggest enemy is boredom.

I'd have thought so, but then, hey, she had enough on board comms equipment
to even gain a boyfriend along the way :)