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On 19/11/2009 12:48, Kiteflyer wrote:

> That's cos you're a boy.

And he's also a stupid one.
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On 19/11/2009 15:27, Conor wrote:
> In article<c3f553f7-181f-4371-944e-4742c2a79e91
>>, Mike P says...
>> The yearly fee is still
>> cheaper than a tow home, and if I do it 4 more times, then I really
>> will have got super value.
> Being a tight Yorkshireman, I use Tesco Clubcard points to pay for RAC
> cover. �33 of Clubcard points buys me Roadside Assistance, nationwide
> recovery to a fixed address and onward travel for both myself and SWMBO.

As I'm not a pikey, I get mine free with the car.
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In article <he440g$f70$4(a)>, me(a) says...
> As I'm not a pikey, I get mine free with the car.
No, you just pay for it differently.
Carl Robson
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Kiteflyer wrote:
> On 19 Nov, 17:28, Bod <bodro...(a)> wrote:
>> Nick Finnigan wrote:
>>> Bod wrote:
>>>> I can't remember the last time I saw a driver use an arm signal.
>>>> I use them occasionally.
>>> Do you drive around with your window open just in case?
>>>> Is it a forgotten art or do drivers not bother anymore?
>>> Half of them don't care about signalling anyway proving that you don't
>>> actually need to. It is extremely rare circumstances in which there
>>> would be any benefit - certainly you could do 100 miles on a motorway
>>> without needing an indicator.
>> Especially if you stay in lane 1 at 56mph.
>> Bod
> Dad, is that you?

Not guilty, I live in the fast lane.

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Tony Dragon wrote:
> Adrian wrote:
>> Bod <bodron57(a)> gurgled happily, sounding much like they
>> were
>> saying:
>>>> Why would you, unless you were compensating for lights that you knew
>>>> weren't working?
>>> Exactly.
>>> If your indicators stop working and you're a hundred miles from home,
>>> they become somewhat essential, don't you think?
>> Have you EVER had that happen to you? No, nor me. And I drive far
>> shonkier sheds than you.
>>> When I passed my test (44 yrs ago), the examiner said, "assume your
>>> indicators have failed, so for the next ten minutes you must use only
>>> hand signals". I'm surprised that the modern test doesn't use the same
>>> procedure.
>> Indicators don't "just fail".
> So you always know when a bulb is going to fail & change it beforehand?

I walk around the car each day and check the lights. I have spares in
the glove box. Checking the lights takes seconds.

What is the problem?