From: Alexander Rogge on
Jim Yanik wrote:
> It's NOT the same thing,and people who visit countries with driving on a
> different side than their own country,often have problems. They often
> revert back to their accustomed driving,particularly under pressure.

Could that explain why I have noticed an increase in the number of
incidents involving drivers that are caught driving the wrong way around
a roundabout? The most notorious wrong-way drivers also start honking
at other drivers who are going around the normal direction. They must
know what they are doing wrong, but they seem to believe that the 50
drivers opposing them in the roundabout should not be there. I have
also seen some of these wrong-way drivers continue to drive on the wrong
side of the street after exiting the roundabout, as if the blue arrow
sign and the median are not a sufficient indication of to which side of
the street the lane continues.
From: Nate Nagel on
On 06/20/2010 01:30 PM, Ashton Crusher wrote:
> On Sat, 19 Jun 2010 22:31:45 +0000, Alexander Rogge
> <a_rogge(a)> wrote:

>> I know of no driving school, including the school where I received
>> instructions of Left Foot Braking, that teaches the method of stopping
>> the car with the left foot while the right foot is held in a heeled
>> position over the accelerator pedal. There very good reasons for this
>> omission, topics regarding safety and some difficulties which I have
>> hopefully made clear.
> Your paragraph makes no sense, like most of what you wrote.

Questions for you: have you ever taken any kind of driving course? What
did it teach? Was it high-school driver's ed or some kind of more
advanced course? Did you ever run your opinions on LFBing by the
instructor? What did he think of them?


replace "roosters" with "cox" to reply.
From: Arif Khokar on
On 6/17/2010 12:55 AM, Ashton Crusher wrote:

> So you think the people who will be using that bridge are going to
> stop in the middle and take training classes???

I don't know if you have any experience driving in countries where one
drives on the left side of the road or not, but I have. I can tell you
that for me, the adjustment is a bit difficult and I have to really
concentrate when trying to control the vehicle, learning to use the turn
signal stalk on the right side, rather than left side of the steering
column, drive on the correct side of the road, and even adjusting where
I look when I need to check the mirrors, etc.

I don't think you thought your analogy all the way through.