From: Albert T Cone on
Douglas Payne wrote:
> Albert T Cone wrote:
>> IIWY I'd be buying Mike's 306, spending the couple hundred to get it
>> MOTd, then flogging the lex and enjoying a few months of tightfisted
>> tractor power until you've got the shiny new job.
> A 306 in fine fettle really is not a bad machine to throw around, and
> they ride quite comfortably. The parts Mike mentions are not expensive
> from the likes of GSF or Eurocarparts.

Preaching to the choir here. Whenever I can snaffle the keys, I take my
gf's old 306TD instead of my several-years-newer passat. It's slower,
but infinitely more alive and fun to drive, as well as being more
comfortable. It's a great little car and, as you say, cheap to keep on
the road. New balljoint? That'll be �6.50, please, and 15 minutes to fit...

> Not sure Elder will get on with the seats in a lower spec one.
Ours is a GRDT, so has non-sport seats, and I find them quite comfy,
which is more than I can say for the torture racks in the VW. I think
Germans must have different shaped spines to the rest of the world, 'cos
I don't think I've ever been in a german car I found comfortable.

> NA Diesel is pretty slow and unrevvy but reasonably frugal and will keep
> up with traffic.
Blergh. We had an NA 306 sedan for a couple of weeks and it was indeed
slow. I'm sure it was slightly more economical than the turbo version,
but 0.0347 times as much fun to drive.