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>>> On 5/6/2010 13:35, John David Galt wrote:
>>>> That section of law sounds like it was written to deal with the old
>>>> two-way
>>>> passing lanes, AKA "suicide lanes". I haven't seen one anywhere since
>>>> 1980
>>>> and I doubt they still exist; they're too dangerous.
>>>> Added MTR in case someone there knows of such a lane today.
>>> I agree that it is talking about "suicide" lanes.
>>> And there still are a version of it around--I've seen several (and can
>>> picture some of them in my mind but I don't remember where on the planet
>>> they are).
>>> The version I have seen will have three lanes, two uphill, one down
>>> hill. The double-yellow will be dashed on the down-hill side.
>> That's a "shared 4 lane" highway, a poor man's 4 lane. I agree they are
>> dangerous, but the middle lane is not a suicide lane.
> It's only three lanes wide, and it has all attributes of the suicide
> except the exact details of th striping.

The middle lane of the "shared 4 lane" cannot be entered by traffic in the
direction that is one lane except in passing zones. There is a big