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: > >I've spotted a few cops doing that behind me when I was driving trucks
: > >and they don't seem to like it when you back off by about 20kph:-)
: >
: > They'd probably like it even less if you did it under heavy braking
: > (which is the risk all tailgaters run)! :)
: Perhaps I'd be very tempted in a truck with a cop behind me :-) However I
: often wonder why some people deliberately brake when being tailgated, so
: they can have their car in the repair shop, and perhaps find out the
: tailgater was uninsured, unemployed and no assets. I often hope that happens
: to teach them to simply move into the left lane next time.
: MrT.

I know that I will slow to the speed limit if someone tailgates me at a dangerous distance.

By dangerous I dont mean less than the required 2seconds, I mean where I cant see thier headlights.

I dont brake or anything dangerous, I will either slow to the limit so they get the message or
change lanes and move if theres space in the other lanes.

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> I noticably lose grip above 110 when it is raining moderately, on the
> Monash.

So don't drive YOUR car above 110kph on the Monash when it's raining then!
Other cars with other tyres may not have the same problem.


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On 17/06/2010 7:28 PM, Mr.T wrote:

> The sad thing is that there was a road safety campaign decades ago that said
> "Courtesy is catching".
> Unfortunately it never caught on!

And sadly morons who tailgate for any reason are the worst offenders.

> IF it did we may have been able to have road behaviour like Germany.

Possibly but we also need Police willing to enforce all the rules and
not just those relating to speed.

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> Got rid of of cop unintentionally one day when I locked up all 12 trailer
> wheels in a panic stop, he was beside me when I hit the brakes but wasn't
> there after the smoke had cleared and I have no idea where he disappeared
> to:-)

Lol :)

Probably to the nearest public toilet to change his Reg Grundies :)


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Mr.T wrote:
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>> Road rage, in its various forms, is the most neglected road safety
>> issue in this country. The most common everyday examples I see
>> are.... tailgating (when it's done to demonstrate annoyance or to
>> intimidate, as it frequently is) and deliberately blocking others from
>> merging, overtaking or lane changing.
>IME the common reason for drivers tailgating, is because others choose to
>travel side by side with no attempt to move over. And drivers blocking
>people from merging is commonly because people will pass in the left lane,
>knowing it's just about to run out, and expecting to cut in and force the
>rest to give way. Or on freeway entrances where they make no attempt to
>match speed and find a gap, preferring to simply aim for the side of your
>car and expect you to give way.
>Fine the dickheads who create the real problem IMO, and the road rage goes

Nope, there's absolutely no excuse for those who vent their angst on
other road users who happen to upset 'em... be they lousy drivers or

Take out the road ragers first and then worry about the less than
perfect drivers. :)

John H