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"Larry Sheldon" <lfsheldon(a)> wrote in message

>> Let me tell you the secret to backing the spread axle
>> trailers...there's a switch in the tractor, and you can bleed the air
>> out of the suspension on the back axle so that your trailer pivots on
>> the front axle.
> I've wondered about that.

None of the tractors, including mine, in our three flatbed divisions have

It certainly exists, but it's by no means standard.


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will become as God is." -Dr. Hannibal Lector.

From: Dave C. on

> None of the tractors, including mine, in our three flatbed
> divisions have that.

I'm sorry to hear that. IMHO, none of the tractors in your fleet are
properly equipped to pull flatbed. -Dave
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On Tue, 20 Oct 2009 19:32:07 -0700, hancock4 wrote:

> There are extremists on both sides of the aisle today in US politics,
> and it seems they're growing in influence.

That's an illusion. The 'extremists' that you see fall pretty much within
a narrow band. However, they're loud and furious and generate a lot of
smoke and heat, so it looks like there's something going on, while in
actuality, the status quo is being maintained. The
'liberal'/'conservative' paradigm is actually a sybiosis: take away one
'side' and the other would cease to exist.

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Dave C. wrote:

> The spread axle trailers already have an axle near the rear. Again,
> the spread axle trailer would be better, IMHO

Sorry. I was thinking the rear axle was about where the front axle
would be on tandems all the way back.

>> And being able to slide the tandems forward lets you bend the rig
>> around corners that are impossible with the wheels all the way back.

You some times don't get choices. "there is the dock. let me know when
you get in."
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On Wed, 21 Oct 2009 03:51:04 +0000, Brent wrote:

> What lies would that be? The combined goal of the two party is system is
> clearly national socialism and a fascist economic system. Some people
> only see parts of that goal, but it doesn't make it lies, just partial
> truth.

Forgive me for being concrete here, but there's no such thing as a
'partial truth'. It's an attempt to obfuscate and deceive, just the same.
And it doesn't really matter what you call it, because the end is to
concentrate power and wealth into the hands of a few, while maintaining
the happy illusion among the population that they, too, have power and

'Smoking is Healthier than Fascism'