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| > That pretty much sums them up. About my only 'gripe' about minis (not
| > that it matters now that I am 37, but it 'did' at one time, is you
| > categorically can't 'root' in them. Then again, I am a touch larger than
| > most mini owners.
| Yeah, I'd imagine you'd fins that an awkward task :)
| I parked the pork sword a couple of times in one of mine, but even for
| someone of my size it was pretty difficult. Basically a "sit on" with both
| the front seats tilted forward was the only way it would work.
| > I currently don't own a mini, but I have all the motors/boxes/go fast
| > bits - so if I ever grabbed myself a std mini with an ok body, it'd just
| > be a matter of a week or two and it'd be little ripper. I do miss
| > driving one, but I don't miss the regularity with which I'd break
| > gearbox/driveline bits.
| If you've ever interested in off-loading any of those bits I'd be
| as I may have one last go at a Mini one day.
| > Currently the 1200 coupe I have is sensational. It's not nearly as fast
| > in a straight line as I want it, but I warrant it handles as well as any
| > 1200 on street tyres. Interesting that they seem to work best if you
| > don't go too hard on the springs, and don't go too low.
| Next time you're over my way feel free to call in. I'd like to see it.
| --
| Regards,
| Noddy.

Brian Johnson had a few words to say about the suitability of the mini for
nocturnal romance on top gear. Pity it wasn't Angus. I'll be there in FEB.

Brad Leyden
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"John McKenzie" <jmac_melbourne(a)> wrote in message
> John_H wrote:
>> Did have a mate who was once dragged from his car, in flagrante
>> delicto,
> I don't know for sure, but I have a sneaking suspicion that's the first
> time that phrase has been used in :)

Mid root would be the norm around here.


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