From: JackH on
A repairers courtesy car loaned to me this very morn whilst said
repairer gets on with sorting out the mess of a repair they inflicted
upon the Golf recently, with a mere 200 miles on the clock... FOOLS!

I love the dash, but then I was always a perv for the digital
instruments that were in the Mk2 Astra GTEs and MG Maestro 1.6 I had
in times gone by.

Handling good... ride, as expected, a touch on the hard side.

Seems to be doing reasonably well on fuel considering the novelty of
having something fairly perky at my disposal hasn't worn off yet, and
isn't likely to before it goes back to the repairers, either.

Huge boot, and seems roomy enough in the main cabin, although it's not
that much fun to reverse park due to the shape / poor rear visibility

One other niggle I've noticed is it occasionally seems to have the odd
hesitation when you're on very light throttle around town etc - seems
to be a fault rather than an oversensitive throttle responding to your
foot when you go over bumps etc.

Cack speakers compared to the Golf, and really cheap plastics on door
cards... no cupholders apparent either, and the dash isn't really all
that soft to the touch.

So, if I were in the market for something in this sector, would I buy

Undecided yet - I'd want to try a new Golf first, predicably... ;-)