From: XR8 Sprintless on
On 7/07/2010 7:56 PM, T.J.Dunster wrote:
> I had just started looking at a friends comp about an hour before I read
> your post and the problem turned out to be EXACTLY as you described, SIS
> chipset etc.
> Downloaded the AVG recovery CD image, in with the disk, 3 minutes later
> problem solved!!! Brilliant!! and all my hairs are still in place!
> Thanks for the post, at least you have helped one person, hopefully more
> will benefit.

Forgot to mention in my other post, that you need to go into tools and
advanced options then add the file as a do not scan in the resident
shield section or it will do it again..... AVG say they have released a
patch today, but a machine here with the latest updates still detected
it as a virus in a scan.... It's definitely not as I have scanned it
with Avira and Avast from a bootable CD.
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