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> Chris Whelan <cawhelan(a)> wrote:
>> Tiit_Helimut(a) wrote:
>>> Hi there. I got into my micra today to head off to work and it
>>> started fine. I pulled away and stopped at the junction of my
>>> street, which happens to be quite steep, so engage the handbreak. I
>>> waited until there was a gap in the traffic, get the car to the bite
>>> and put a reasonable amount of gas in (no more than I usually do). I
>>> disengaged the handbreak and the car stalled, which isn't that odd.
>>> When I went to start the car again, it wouldn't start, and so it
>>> remains after many attempts to start it.
>>> I am covered by the AA but not for home start, as I couldn't afford
>>> it at the time, and now they are quoting me a lot to upgrade my
>>> cover. Unfortunately I haven't owned the car for very long, and I
>>> haven't been driving for long either, so my techincal knowledge of
>>> cars is non- existent. I'm a student so I can't afford to have it
>>> towed to a repair place and be ripped off, though I can afford the
>>> extra AA cover but I'm hoping that it wont come to that.
>>> I've been reading other posts and it sounds like I may have flooded
>>> the engine, but I have no idea if that is the case or how to fix it,
>>> if it is.
>>> Is there anywhere that offers advice, first of all on the insides of
>>> Nissan Micras (is Haynes the only one?), and secondly on repairs.
>>> Since I'm not technically minded will I have to resort to the AA
>>> home repair?
>>> Thanks for your time and help.
>> The standard trick on flooded Micras is to locate and remove the fuse
>> for the fuel pump, then crank the engine several times in 15 second
>> bursts with the accelerator pedal held to the floor. Once the fuse is
>> then replaced, the engine should start easily.
> Using a key without a transponder to try to start it is equivalent to
> removing the fuse.

If you happen to have such a thing :-).

If they're easily accessible, would it not be best to simply unplug the
injectors, thereby eliminating the need to disable the pump and also
preventing further fuel from entering under residual pressure?

Or would this cause a malfunction on certain systems, due to the open
circuiting of the injectors?


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From: Chris Whelan on
Ian Stirling wrote:


> Using a key without a transponder to try to start it is equivalent to
> removing the fuse.

Now that is a neat idea!

I've a neighbour who often gets her Micra out of the garage, then goes back
to the house, then the car won't start. I've shown her the
standard "flooded start" technique of just cranking with the pedal on the
floor, but once I had to remove the fuel pump fuse for her.

Now I can get her to buy a spare key, and I will make it a "magic key"!


Remove prejudice to reply.
From: John Henderson on
Ian Stirling wrote:

> Using a key without a transponder to try to start it is
> equivalent to removing the fuse.

That's simple then - just wrap the head of the key in aluminium

From: Tiit_Helimut on
Thanks for the help all. In response to David R's question, I have an
R reg micra. The engine is turning over but, as you said, it wont
catch. Unfortunately I am at the bottom of a hill (a valley to be
precise), so unfortunately its only uphill.
First tomorrow (well...later on today) I will try starting the car
again. If that doesn't work then I will try taking the fuse out, as I
don't have a key without a transponder (does alu foil really work?)
Unfortunately when I learnt to drive I was driving a diesel, whereas
my micra is petrol and I'm not quite used to it yet, so I have stalled
a few times at the junction, though it's not the easiest junction to
negotiate, as you have to make a quick getaway (rarely any gaps in the
traffic) and the junction itself faces up a steep hill. I'm not sure
about unplugging the injectors, as I don't know where they are! Thanks
for the advice all the same though.
I'll have to find the fusebox (though the internet will help with
that) and I'll let you know how it goes. Thanks!

From: John Henderson on
Tiit_Helimut(a) wrote:

> does alu foil really work?

It worked for me. I wasn't sure whether my Diesel VW
Transporter had an immobilizer fitted, so I just wrapped the
head of the key in foil as a test.

Sure enough, all instrument lights came on as normal, and the
engine cranked willingly. But it would not start until I
removed the foil.

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