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> > > Thanks. The place in question - Mackie's in Glasgow - apparently does
> > > all the overhauling for Nissan UK in Scotland under contract, so I
> > > expect they know what they're on about. "Torque converter" could have
> > > been my mishearing - of course you are quite right that a CVT box
> > > shouldn't need one. Apparently you can tell by looking at the gearbox
> > > casing: if it has an oil filter it doesn't have an electric clutch.
> > >
> > > Ian
> > depends on the year, later ones ? have a torque converter
> With a CVT? Can you guess at why? Seems a nonsense to me.

Nissan's answer?

"The new HYPER CVT adopts a torque converter for enhanced start-off
acceleration performance and improved driveability at very low vehicle
speeds. It also incorporates full electronic control of speed ratio
changes to provide approximately 10% better fuel economy than the
existing N-CVT."

from the 1999 Micra/March PR here:

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Bedford, UK