From: Jeff on
On 14/07/2010 21:01, Fat richard wrote:
> As the school hols approach my petrol head son (14) needs to drool
> over some cars. He is a typical lad who finds Mr Clarkson amusing and
> can tell me to get behind the car 6 in front as it is a "insert
> something that is apparently cooool". I, you may realise am not a huge
> car person other than advising that the Ford Mondeo I have had for 8
> years is a bloody good car that has needed very little doing on it and
> it has got us to Italy and back a good few times.
> Last year we did Bealieu Motor Museum (quite good actaully - agreed by
> whole family !) I took him up to the "expo" at Canary wharf a few
> weeks back but hat was a bit of a damp squib (apparently). He wants to
> get up close and personal and I can't say that I really want to do
> huge motor shows.
> So, we have the ability to go pretty much anywhere in the UK by rail
> or drive within say a hundred miles of the M25 (we are in Sarf
> London).
> Any suggestions as to where to go / what to do ? I have a very open
> mind so all suggestions / pointers to reviews etc etc greatly
> received.
> Thanks
> Fat Richard

How about the Brooklands Museum at Weybridge ?