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Notorious Nova Scotia drunk driver gets 8 1/2 year prison sentence

Published: February 12, 2010 7:44 PM

HALIFAX � A habitual drunk driver who slammed his car into a family�s SUV
smirked at his victims Friday as a judge handed down one of the stiffest
sentences in Nova Scotia for impaired driving.

Terry Naugle, his arms slung over the back of the court bench, grinned at
Julia McMillan and her teenage daughter as a provincial court judge
sentenced him to 8 1/2 years in prison for three driving offences linked
to the incident last year.

Naugle, 53, appeared unmoved by the judge�s sharp words for a 32-year
criminal history that has racked up 68 previous criminal convictions �
including 22 for impaired driving and 14 for driving while disqualified.

�Mr. Naugle�s record for impaired driving is one of the worst I�ve ever
seen,� Judge Frank Hoskins said in a sentencing decision that took nearly
two hours to read.

�He is a menace to society when driving a motor vehicle.�

He pleaded guilty in October to charges including impaired driving,
leaving the scene of an accident and driving while prohibited.

Naugle was also prohibited from driving for life and ordered to submit a
DNA sample.

Crown lawyer Cheryl Byard said she was pleased with the decision despite
asking for 10 years, saying she�s never seen such a harsh sentence for an
impaired driving offence that didn�t result in injuries or fatalities.

Hoskins listed off his offences, taking roughly 15 minutes to read a rap
sheet that dated back to 1974 and included theft, assault and driving

Naugle testified at a sentencing hearing in 2006 that he started drinking
at age nine and regularly uses alcohol to deal with trauma he suffered at
the former Shelburne School for Boys when he was 11.



HAHAHA. Another psychopath tries to blame his crimes on abuse he suffered
as a kid!!!