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On Jun 7, 12:41 pm, marks542...(a) wrote:
> On Jun 7, 10:15 am, JTEM <jte...(a)> wrote:
> > marks542...(a) wrote:
> > > I believe it is a cultural thing, that
> > > whales are a source of food. Since they
> > > eat them and dont just toss them in the
> > > trash its hunting.
> > It's "hunting" the largest-brained mammal on
> > the planet.
> > Yes, culturally they don't see an issue with it.
> > Culturally, the people wiping out the last of
> > the Gorillas and Chimps for "Bush Meat" don't
> > see any issues either. In both cases we do, and
> > we should take a stand.
> > It would be wrong for us not to.
> ok, so whales have large brains. your point ? are you claiming that
> whales are sentient ?

Maybe we should stop eating cows. I know this much, THEY ARE SACRED IN
> we kill cows for meat, hunting isnt the right word for that, should
> we not eat cows because they have such big brown eyes ?
> In some places people hunt whatever animals are there. If all they
> have is chimps , thats what they hunt. Donate a few cows and they will
> give up on chimps and eat cows. Thats not a good deal for cows by the
> way.

Cows are like sheep and fish, perhaps further down the food chain or
at least the IQ chain. But pigs are smart! Maybe we should ban eating
pigs, something the Jews would agree with.

> Do you hate cows and chickens ?
> I believe Japan does whaling under an international treaty, if you
> think thats being violated write your congressman.
> Lots of animals go extinct. Whales may be one of them. Buy a dvd and
> you can watch whales the rest of your life.

Wait a minute, cows and pigs are not going extinct. He has a point
there. And perhaps they go into a Heaven for cows and pigs.

There's one for sheep. ;)


"When there's nothing you can do to save the world"