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> om... On 9 Apr, 01:08, dave <d...(a)> wrote:
> > I'd like to get an OBC2 reader but am not really up on these
> > things. Seems to be I see there are two options (?)
> >
> > 1) A "stand-alone" reader with LCD display. ~�100+
> >
> > 2) An "interface box1, that has a usb connecter intended to
> > connect to a Laptop. ~�25
> >
> > I like option 2) best as presumably it has a better display (:-))
> > and ai have a spare Laptop I could use.
> >
> > Would much appreciate some wisdom on which is best for an
> > "occasional user" like me.
> >
> > ps The cars are old - 2001 Nissan and Hyundai Amica.
> I bought one of these last year and it's paid for itself easily. see
> links below
> Ebay item 220570887100
> Very user friendly and although an LCD display gives me all the
> info I need.
> It diagnosed my daughters corsa turbo boost sensor failure and on
> fitting a new one it plotted a live graph showing the sensor output.
> My father bought a Fiesta which turned out to have the engine
> managment and air bag indicator bulbs removed. Without this unit we
> wouldn't have known the major faults in the car and been able to get
> his money back. I bought it orginally for my vectra (new CAN bus
> interface) but apart from plugging in and testing no problems so
> far. Also sorted a friends Audi which cleared 6 faults and pointed
> to a brake sensor failure which he was able to get fixed a lot
> cheaper as he knew what was wrong. I'm well impressed with it, as I
> no longer have to rely on garages and their "fixed price just to
> look at it". Although at �150 is a bit more than you were wanting
> to pay I can recomend this unit.
> Bob
> You don't need one for a Vauxhall. The dealers have been ripping
> people off for YEARS by charging for getting error codes using a
> computer. All you need to do on a Vectra, Astra, Corsa, Meriva etc
> is push the brake and accelerator right down, turn the key to the
> 2nd position and the mileage display changes to "ECN" followed by
> any stored Error Code Numbers. The numbers will pinpoint a
> problem if you serch in Google. To clear the errors, disconnect the
> battery for a few minutes. No need for code readers, Vauxhall cars
> have one built in. It was just never made public knowledge.
> Reading error codes at a Vauxhall garage is the biggest scam going
> as they make a lot of money for it, around �40 a go BEFORE they
> will start to diagnose a problem. It's like a guaranteed �40 on
> every car taken in. If you want to program the car for various
> features not enabled as standard on your particular model you do
> need a computer program. Sadly a lot of the ones sold on ebay are
> not to the standard of the ones in a dealership, so don't work that
> well. Various methods are used on Ford cars, all known to the
> dealerships that are conning the public in a desperate attempt to
> meet sales targets. Beware if you do have a Ford or Vauxhall, it
> is possible to buy devices that plug in to the computer port that
> will bypass the immobiliser. The Astra and Focus can both be
> stolen without the keys and insurance companies know it, but refuse
> to pay out.

Most cars can if you now what your doing , ignition barrel,key and
ecu from the scrappie and your away PDQ

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dave wrote:
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> wrote:
> ...
>> saying this vehicle not supported. So I threw them into a drawer
>> and got the little creader plus a special one for VW, so far they
>> have done everything I have thrown at them. Today I received a
>> usb/obd2 reader from china, but I haven't actually plugged it into a
>> car yet.
> MrCheerful, is this the one you have?
> (Just to be sure I get one that works ok :-) )
> Thanks

that one is the same as my one for the vw audi
the exact obd2 one that I have is the creader IV like this one on ebay:

but you may as well get the creader V which is the latest version, there are
several on ebay at present