From: His Highness the TibetanMonkey, Creator of the Movement of Tantra-Hammock on
The title is not my own, but rather taken from the link below. Notice
the warriors are squirrels ("tree rats," the bad guys) and the little
birds, who are, of course, the good guys...

What do you do, wipe out the tree rats? No way, NONVIOLENCE is my way.
The smart way to do it is to put a screen small enough to keep the
squirrels and bigger birds out.

I think in the jungle every species need to survive, which is
accomplished by respecting the space and cultures of others. For
example, a squirrel is not expected to sing. Well, perhaps that was
not the best example, but you get the point.

And if you don't get the point, here I quote this master of (failed)
revolutions, no other than Fidel Castro himself...

(I quote)

Fidel needed no prodding to launch into the theme that clearly
overrides all his other concerns, “the incompatibility of the consumer
society and culture.” He stressed the need “to preserve natural
resources and energy, which our very species need to survive.” He
looked at his U.S. guests and said: “The United States cannot be the
model for economic development.”



"Watch over the bird feeder" (until we free the
Colombian ladies)
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