From: Floyd Rogers on
"Larry G" <gross.larry(a)> wrote
>Scott in SoCal <scottenazt...(a)> wrote:
>> Larry, take note: it is the HARDWARE that supports this buffer overrun
>> protection. Without the right support from the hardware, there's
>> virtually nothing the OS can do to prevent overruns in user buffers.
>I admitted early on that I did not know the exact details.. but I do
>know that OS can be (or not be written) to deal with buffer overflow
>issues (or I though so).. so it sounds like it's not the OS but the
>hardware? or did you mean firmware?

No. The actual hardware, usually implemented on the processor
chip, which has bits for memory access rights on a per-page basis.
Attempts to write beyond the end of a page or writing to a read-
only page generates a page fault which is then handled by the OS.

But that's only a bare outline.


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