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JAPANESE automaker Toyota suspended sales of the Lexus GX 460 sport utility
vehicle worldwide today, one day after halting deliveries in North America
due to a roll-over risk.

"The company has decided to suspend the SUV's sales worldwide, which means
also in Russia and Middle East after North America," said Toyota spokeswoman
Mieko Iwasaki, in reference to the other markets where the vehicle is sold.

Toyota suspended the sales of the GX in the United States and Canada after
US magazine Consumer Reports gave the SUV a rare "Don't Buy: Safety Risk"
rating, the latest blow to the reputation of the embattled Japanese auto

When pushed to its limits, the rear of the GX "slid out until the vehicle
was almost sideways before the electronic stability control system was able
to regain control," the magazine said.

Having now suspended the SUV's sales worldwide, Toyota said it will work on
analysing potential safety risks in the model which has sold 6,000 units.

"The company is examining the possible problem and will decide what remedies
should be taken," Iwasaki said.

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