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Happi Monday wrote:
> On 29/03/2010 19:12, The Medway Handyman wrote:
>> Its not your job to teach motorists how to drive. They have passed
>> a test of competence
> Advocating running cyclists down and/or killing them, hardly sounds
> like a competent motorist, tested or otherwise. It's more like the
> ramblings of a total fuckwit.

I just knew it would be too complicated for an idiot like you to understand.

Have you got the joke about "What causes more damage in a crash - a car or
a bike"? yet?

Dave - the small piece of 14th century armour used to protect the armpit.

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<boltar2003(a)> wrote:

> I was sitting at some lights on the A22 (not exactly a minor road) when a
> couple on a Tandem come past and stop. Not to the side, oh no. They stop
> right bang in front of me. Unsurprisingly when the lights go green me and
> all the traffic behind are now slooowly accelerating to a heady speed of
> 15mph and its only when I hammer the horn that these pair of tossers move
> over and I look in the mirror and the bloke at the front is laughing. I was
> sorely tempted to slam on the brakes and see how funny he thought it was then.
> So what gives? Not content with getting in the way on side roads some of you
> people now think you have to block the main roads too to feel safe because you
> voluntaritly choose a dangerous mode of transport?
> B2003

A whole 30s must of been dreadful!

I suspect you had plenty more delays since the roads around there are
almost allways busy.

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On Mon, 29 Mar 2010 17:35:27 +0100
JNugent <JN(a)> wrote:
>Adrian wrote:
>> "Brimstone" <brimstone(a)> gurgled happily, sounding much like
>> they were saying:
>>>> This was a main A road to the M25, not a country lane.
>>> "Wide enough" according whose criteria, yours or a cyclists?
>> There's at least one single-track country road leads straight off an M25
>> junction, anyway...
>He said it was the A22 and he was heading for Gatwick.
>I imagine he wouldn't use the A22 southbound from Coulsdon southbound past
>Caterham to go to Gatwick from the north (where the road is mostly dual
>carriageway anyway) when he had A23/M23 available. And northbound, the last

I normally use the A23 but there was 40 min delays due to roadworks. This
event occured near purley where the road is still single carraigeway.


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"Tom Crispin" <kije.remove(a)> wrote in message
> Yes, I pay to use the roads twice, once as a motorist and once as a
> cyclist.

Only twice Tom?

You are lucky.

I pay as a motorist, cyclist, homeowner, earner, saver, spender, the list
goes on...

Frankly I think the system sucks. They should load up the tax on fuel to
ensure that those who: damage the roads the most, take up more than their
fair share of road space, pollute, cause danger an inconvenience to others,
and use the public highway for commercial gain, pay their fair share.

The "penny on a litre" due in April is pathetic. In a fairly economical car
that is 1p per 10 miles. This Labour government are pandering to the
system-sucking right wing scum

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"Brimstone" <brimstone(a)> wrote in message
> "The Medway Handyman" <davidlang(a)> wrote in
> message
>> With respect, its not to job of a cyclist to stop other vehicle users
>> driving how they see fit. Epecially when one has passed a test of
>> competence & the other hasn't.
> Are you suggesting that people don't have a responsibility to ensure that
> others don't put them in danger?

Yes he is. That is because Medway does not possess the skill to cycle, or
even drive safely.