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>> Are you suggesting that there are entirely different rules on road
>> positioning for cars and bikes?
> No, cars and bikes should both keep left as dictated by the Highway Code.

While that may be correct, Boltar *was* suggesting that cycles should be
well over to the *far* left and that cars should be able to make a free
passage past them at all times, even if the road width does not allow, and
even if there is a continuous stream of oncoming traffic.

Car drivers therefore follow a different version of "keep left" than two
wheeled road users.

If keep left means keep-over-to-the-far-left-as-far-as-you-possibly-can (as
some like to interpret it) it would mean that when we cycle through urban
areas we would easily be able to pass the queues of cars because they would
all be sitting obediently in the gutter. They don't though, they all hog the
middle of the lane.

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> God had the final word though when the same thief tried to steal live
> cable and fried to death a few weeks later.

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>>> On 29/03/2010 19:12, The Medway Handyman wrote:
>>>> Its not your job to teach motorists how to drive. They have passed a
>>>> test
>>>> of competence
>>> Advocating running cyclists down and/or killing them, hardly sounds like a
>>> competent motorist, tested or otherwise. It's more like the ramblings of a
>>> total fuckwit.
>>The Madman is always the last to know.
>>They do say, so long as you question your own sanity, you must be sane.
>>Medway does not question his own sanity.
>I don't think anyone here questions his sanity either :)

There is no sanity. There are only varying degrees of insanity ;-)
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>> Yes, I pay to use the roads twice, once as a motorist and once as a
>> cyclist.
> Only twice Tom?
> You are lucky.
> I pay as a motorist, cyclist, homeowner, earner, saver, spender, the
> list goes on...

Motorists pay as motorists, homeowners, earners, savers, spenders. And they
pay a spefic tax to use the roads.

What part of that are you too terminally stupid to understand?

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>>>> Yeah , all those people living in council estates or 1 bedroom
>>>> flats who can just about afford to run a car and make ends meet
>>>> are all right wing scum.
>>> Like Bloater and Medway, they read "The Sun". They should quit
>>> smoking, ditch the car and get some exercise.
>> I don't read comics, nor do I smoke and I've been weight training
>> for 20 years.
>> Yet I drive a car. How does that dovetail with your neat little
>> compartmentalisation?
> Why is it then that you come across as a weedy little bloke with
> twitch and a chip on his shoulder?

Why do you come over as a complete tosser?

Dave - the small piece of 14th century armour used to protect the armpit.