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>> On Mon, 29 Mar 2010 12:36:45 +0100
>> damduck-egg(a) wrote:
>>> You would have loved the situation I came across yesterday, Half
>>> dozen vehicles doing about 10 mph up a gentle rise. They were stuck
>>> behind one of those underpowered Horse boxes who in turn was unable
>>> overtake a gaggle of cyclists . Give them their due they eventually
>>> pulled over and let My Little Pony and Chauffeur pass.
>> Let me guess , the horse box then proceeded to the dizzying heights
>> of 25mph before running out of puff? :)
>> B2003
> You must have been there.
> To be honest it was not the only mobile road blocker about, There
> seemed to be a rash of tatty white vans about yesterday. Professional
> car boot sale traders I would think. One I was in two minds to ring
> crimewatchers about ,really tatty transit pulling a very shiny
> tourist caravan and no reg on the back. Too small a caravan to be
> lived in by Pikeys so it didn't look right.
> G.Harman

so why did you not ring the police? That is what they are there for.

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>> Derek C wrote:
>>> Most cyclists are slow and quite narrow, so can be safely overtaken if
>>> the road is wide enough and if they keep well over to the nearside.
>> While this is true, many drivers will not leave the space they ought to
>> if
>> they can see there is a chance that they can squeeze through. Keeping
>> well
>> over toward the centre ensures that they will only pass if there really
>> is
>> enough space and if they do sidewipe, there is somewhere to go. Gutter
>> riding is not an option if you want to stay alive and well.
> Well I've managed it in about 53 years of cycling.

My uncle lived until he was 93 and smoked 20 Woodbines a day from the age of

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>> How does that work when the appointment has been brought forward?
> Leave earlier based on the new time. If it's a lst minute change and
> the the new appt time doesn't allow you to get there on time allowing
> for traffic then reject it.
When the appointment is the arrival time of an aircraft on which a
venerable, arthritic and incontinent close relative is travelling rejection
is not always an option.

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On 29/03/2010 14:34, mileburner wrote:

> It sounds like Mr Tandem did everything correct but was victim to an angry
> driver.

I corrected your error.
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>> Only oncoming traffic prevented me from
>> passing them which was probably lucky for them as I wouldn't have given
>> them much of a wide berth if I had.
> It sounds like Mr Tandem did everything correct but was victim to an angry
> driver who was running too late to be courteous :-(
Boltar doesn't have to run late to be discourteous.