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>And the point of all this is....?

The OP is a two bit spammer. There is no legitimate point to the
stupid things he (sic) does.

"This item demonstrates how stupid the average American is. Every
ninety minutes someone in this country is hit by a train. A train,
okay? Trains are on tracks; they can't come and get you. They
can't surprise you when you step off a curb. You have to go to them.
Got that?"
--George Carlin
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> Last time on, ctsignguy
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> >And the point of all this is....?
> By posting from home at 3 in the afternoon, Carl is letting everyone
> know that he is unemployed. Again.
> --
> The MFFY Litmus Test:
> If your maneuver forces another driver WHO HAS THE RIGHT-OF-WAY
> to alter course or speed, what you did was probably MFFY.

Or this is Carl's version of "Afternoon Delight" ;-)