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Bod wrote:
> Adrian wrote:
>> Bod <bodron57(a)> gurgled happily, sounding much like
>> they were saying:
>>> How many drivers in this group actually fit winter tyres?
>> <hand up>
>>> My hunch is......not many.
>> Now add in all those with 4wd, since (very performance-oriented 4wds
>> apart), they've almost certainly got winter-rated tyres on as normal.
> We get constant advice from the tv weather reports, but not once
> have I heard any presenter advocating winter tyres.
> Why do you think that is?
> If they are that beneficial, then you'd think if they were that
> important, that they'd be mentioned.

And also the emergency services would fit them - and they don't. ( I suppose
they may in some rural areas, but I've never worked anywhere where they
fitted winter tyres).


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In article <7qjv0gFrdpU1(a)>, me(a) says...
> Lack of directional control can be overcome by driving slowly enough. But
> lack of grip going up hill can't: if you happen to come to a halt on a hill
> that's too steep, then (in my experience) even if you let the clutch up very
> very gently you will spin the wheels.
My experience yesterday. Had to stop because cars in front stopping on
the flat at red lights.
Carl Robson
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From: Derek Geldard on
On Wed, 6 Jan 2010 10:01:52 +0000, (Steve Firth)

>Bod <bodron57(a)> wrote:
>> I'm useless
>That was established years ago.
>> simply because I can manage in snow and ice without winter
>> tyres?
>Are you learning impaired?

Why no, AAMOF He teaches it as a foreign language at "A" level.


From: Steve Firth on
Bod <bodron57(a)> wrote:

> I'm not disputing the obvious benefit of winter tyres,

Yes you are.

What you are doing now is trying to dance away from your previous
From: Stephen on

"Bod" <bodron57(a)> wrote in message
> How many drivers in this group actually fit winter tyres?
> My hunch is......not many.
> Bod

I drive my know plough everywhere all year round... helps to get the bmws
out of the way ;-p