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On Sat, 05 Jun 2010 10:01:29 +1000, John_H wrote:

> Clocky wrote:
>>Athol wrote:
>>> Clocky <notgonn(a)> wrote:
>>>> I'm skeptical of everything, especially considering the dodgey
>>>> players involved.
>>> Skeptical of everything? So you're a sceptic of the theory of
>>> anthropogenic global warming? Not that long ago, I could have
>>> sworn you were absolutely convinced that it was fact and that
>>> anybody who didn't believe it was crazy.
>>As opposed to those who refuse to believe that climate change is happening
>>despite all the evidence?
> Who here has ever disputed climate change?... It's what the climate's
> always done!
>>Climate change is a fact, it's the causes that may be argued.
> Indeed it is... so what's become of the irrefutable scientific proof
> that the cause is anthropogenic?
> Still, if our illustrious PM's gone cold on the idea (pun intended)
> like minds could be expected to follow! Now he even wants to make
> sure we all receive our fair share of the profits from the filthy
> coal... how's that for hypocrisy?

Fair - and worry not, it's GovCo stock-in-trade anyway.
Perhaps it's really a MasterPlan - To gouge come resource rent tax to pay
the mining companies and electricity industry some of it back as subsidies
for their feelthy behaviour? Later, I mean.
Either way, I rather like the idea of a Class War election, something long
since overdue in this little desert. Waay too many leased X5's out there
anyway, so we need some defining as a matter of urgency.
Howards Bogans might even out themselves and could have an explanation of
interest for their stupidity.