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> Sad to think that these people are allowed to vote and decide who runs the
> country.

Shocking really.


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> I wondered why BHP shares jumped must have been when you produced your
> parts list :)

Lol :)

It's a seriously tough shed.


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> I never did tally up the full steel costs. SHMBO did say I had a free hand
> in doing it but I think she regretted it later.

Women have no sense of adventure :)

The family across the street from where we're building are really nice
people, and the wife used to enjoy sitting on their veranda in the evenings
watching the sun go down. I say "used to" because the day they put my shed
frame up she walked outside later that evening with a cup of tea, looked
across the road at the shed and said to herself "Oh well, that's the end of
that then" :)

> The only Contractor used was for the slab so what was saved on labour by
> doing the rest completely ourselves went in to extra steel. Like I said,
> it's a cyclone shelter if the house looks like it won't survive. If a tree
> falls on it, it will be the tree that comes off second best. Once we got
> past boring the 19 footings and mixing the concrete (about 11 tonne of
> premix and 60 x 40kg bags of cement) for them in a little electric mixer
> over many days, the rest was easy, NOT. Even the steel supplier, inspector
> & slab concretor's want to come here in a cyclone.

Can't say I blame them. It makes Hitler's bunker look like a cubby house.

> One interesting part was how the certifier's were concerned that I deleted
> a window, even though that made it better for flying debris protection but
> they never asked about the entrance or bifold main doors construction.
> They weren't on the Engineers design other than as name only. The other
> was that the Engineer got the design of the truss bracing's reversed and I
> changed them and no-one noticed. I did regret not doing a shallow curved
> roof with cold bent beams and could have eliminated the ridge capping
> though. Sitting on a thick insulating mat on a galv roof in 35degC with
> 90+% humidity cutting ridge capping is real fun. Roofers earn their money.

Yep. It's a skill alright.


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> Bloke who did our extensions in Sydney (retired now) used to work mostly
> in reactive clay areas and I'm still waiting to see any significant damage
> in any of the floating slabs he was involved with tat I know about. Not
> cheap, but....

No, it's not.

I think the H class waffle added an extra 8 grand to the price of the house,
and it lifted the house off the ground by about 450mm.


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> The wife wants veggie gardens in pretty, raised stainless steel beds,

Stuff the veggie garden, it's cheaper to buy them at the greengrocer! Use the money you
save for important things.

Like beer...