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: > Sounds like he is overpaid, why doesn't someone teach him to sweep it
: > a proper broom, he could do it in a quarter of the time and then have
: > to do something more useful.
: I was just thinking that myself :)
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: Noddy.

He can use the other brooms but prefers his. His main duty is a gofa so it
doesn't matter how long he takes. He washes the cars almost daily and all
sorts of odd jobs. Peter is older and illiterate bit is handy to send on
messages or to the shops.

Only 2 taxies in town and one doesn't have a windscreen as such, has plastic
sheets so no highway for him. The PMV's do run to Nazdab but are a little
hairy. Most expats either get a company driver to take them out or Guard dog
security which run an armed guard, one time when I took my parents on it,
the guard had an AK47. I drive out, and get one of the workers to drive the
car back. I use Balus Bus (Balus is pisin for plane) to get back (K20
instead of K150 for Guard Dog, clean aircon coaster bus but no armed
guards). I get back just before dark so it's usually the safest option. One
of my mates was taking his friend from Moresby out to catch a flight and the
Rascals tried their trick, the friend hangs out the window and empties his
glock at the locals, climbs back in and they continue on as usual. Always a
fun road the miles area (2 mile to 11 mile) at the start of the Highlands

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