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"Milton" <millame23(a)> wrote in message
>> I remember one day when I had nothing to do but listen to the TV in the
>> bqackground and Stan Zimanek was on Beauty and the Beast.
>> He asked the blonde, Jan Murray, about her shagging John Brown on the desk
>> and about living the high life ( with HIGH being the word ) in Byron Bay,
>> then she got all pissed off with Stan because she claimed that he accused
>> her of smoking dope and telling the world where she was living
> Couldn't have happened to a nicer person.

It's a shame she didn't stab him to death in a fit of rage. It might just make
the show worth watching.


From: D Walford on
On 30/07/2010 6:58 AM, Marts wrote:
> Just in...
> At least Gillard's "personal" taxpayer funded car is a Camry.
> But what annoys me is that the minders are furious as this was a leaked bit of
> info. Surely, all such things should be declared?
What interest or business is it of anyone else that the PM's boy friend
is asked to pay speeding tax like almost everyone else, would you prefer
he was a tax avoider:-)

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