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On Apr 6, 11:26 pm, Athol <athol_SPIT_S...(a)> wrote:
> Chrlz <mark.thoma...(a)> wrote:
> > Maybe we should have a GPS-Off.  Set a few tricky routes, and then see
> > how much the brands/maps/methods vary.
> Try Cardiff NSW to Bathurst NSW.  No toll roads, fastest route.
> The correct answer goes through Kurri Kurri, Denman, Baerami, Bylong,
> Rylestone and Kandos.  I doubt that *any* GPS will get that result.

Sorry, but having now looked at the two routes a bit more closely, I'm
going with the GPS! Especially after doing a flyover of the section
between say, Denman and Breakfast Creek....

If you can get to Bathurst that way quicker than going down and across
(on mostly freeways and highways), I tips me hat to ya.

And yes, that is an uninformed opinion based on maps and gps terrain
data, so I'm happy to be beaten up for it..
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On 4/6/2010 8:45 PM, John_H wrote:
> D Walford wrote:
>> On 6/04/2010 9:51 AM, John_H wrote:
>>> D Walford wrote:
>>>> On the other hand mine has found address's in places where I didn't
>>>> think it possible, I've found farms 80klms from the nearest town
>>>> (Hopetoun in the Mallee) and more than half that distance on gravel roads.
>>> As will frequently be the case... but you can't rely on it.
>>> You don't say which side of Hopetoun, but I'd suggest next time you're
>>> at one of those farms try navigating from there to Swan Hill (which is
>>> three main roads removed from Hopetoun). My guess is it will stuff
>>> up badly and take you a very long way around... unless of course
>>> there's a main road joining the two which wasn't there the last time I
>>> was in those parts. :)
>> It was roughly NE of the town.
> I'd assumed you'd almost certainly be NW of Hopetoun, which is a
> relatively remote area by Vic standards, and probably one of the few
> places in Vic where you could be as far as 80km from the nearest town.
> How can the nearest town be Hopetoun if you're 80 km to the NE of it?
> By my rough arithmetic, and with the help of an ancient Vic roadmap,
> Lascelles is about 30km NE of Hopetoun and Sea Lake is around 60km NE.
> 80km would put you east of Lake Tyrrell and the nearest town would be
> Chinkapook. You would also have crossed two main roads since leaving
> Hopetoun (Sunraysia and Calder Highways).
> Assuming you've got the distance and direction right, if you were to
> navigate back to Melbourne (or come the other way) a sat nav would
> almost certainly send you to Nyah, on the Murray Valley Highway, and
> back to Melbourne via Swan Hill and Bendigo.
> If you tried to navigate back to Hopetoun from Chinkapook it wouldn't
> have any difficulty finding Hopetoun but I'd be very surprised if it
> sent you by anything like the shortest route.
Figjam eh?.........

"Usenet is like a herd of performing elephants with diarrhea - massive,
difficult to redirect, awe-inspiring, entertaining, and a source of mind
- boggling amounts of excrement when you least expect it." - Gene
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Dingo wrote:

>I know nothing about them. What basic features should I look for, how
>much should I expect to pay, and where is a good place to buy?

Noticed today that DSE are currently selling the Garmin Nuvi1350 for
$214 which ought be particularly good buying. I'll probably grab one
to replace a TomTom140 I don't much like next time I'm near a DSE

Choice rated that model Garmin highly in their most recent sat nav
tests (late 2009) when it had an rrp of $399.... Not that their
assessment should be taken as the final word since a lot of the
features that differ between brands will ultimately come down to
personal preferences. Nor will all the shortcomings, or advantages,
of those features become fully apparent until you've actually used one
in a variety of situations.

John H
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Chrlz wrote:

>Maybe we should have a GPS-Off. Set a few tricky routes, and then see
>how much the brands/maps/methods vary.

Choice tested sat navs late last year and found a considerable
variation in *country* performance between brands, with Garmin among
the worst. It's not the whole story though.

Next week I've got a dentist appointment in a country town that I
don't have trouble finding without GPS. Shortest and fastest route
from home is a whisker over 60km and takes about 45 minutes, with the
catch being it's an unsealed track that can have deep wheel ruts in
places and ideally needs a high clearance vehicle (4WD or softroader).

According to my TomTom (140) shortest route is 78.4km (and it's all
good bitumen). What it thinks is fastest route is 168km, also by
bitumen... obeying speed limits would result in about the same average
speed on either route.

My Garmin (Nuvi 250) hasn't got a clue. It thinks the shortest route
is 172km, while the fastest is 169km. The fastest is essentially the
same choice as the TomTom but because I live around 6km from the
nearest mapped road they disagree as to how to get to it.

But the Garmin has a feature the TomTom doesn't (unless I haven't
worked out how to find it) which is the off road distance in a
straight line... 56.4km. When in the bush, that's the vital
indication that there's probably a shorter route than the sat nav
knows about and it's time to bring out the paper map (for which no sat
nav is a reliable replacement).

>Eg, for no good reason I just picked a trip from Warrnambool to
>Benalla (looked like it had a few options!)
>Using IGO 8, Sensis maps, and only the Short, Fast, and Economical
>methods (it has more..):
>Times and distances:
>Short - 6h16m, 441km
>Fast - 5h28m, 457km
>Eco - 5h31m, 450km
>The short route was Mortlake, Lismore, Scarsdale, Sebastopol,
>Ballarat, Daylesford, Tylden, Woodend, Kilmore, Bradford, Euroa,
>Baddaginnie (!), Benalla.
>The fast route was Camperdown, Kariah, Duverney, Geelong, Princes Fwy,
>Western Ring Rd, Hume Fwy, Euroa, Midland Hwy, Benalla.
>The economical route was very similar to the fast, some minor
>differences around Melbourne.. All seemed to make sense to me....
>I also tried that Chinkapook to Hopetoun one and it chose straight
>down to Sea Lake, cut across on a sort of diagonal back road route to
>Lascelles, then B200 to Hopetoun. Again, that looked correct
>according to the printed map I have.

My Chinkapook to Hopetoun suggestion was based on what the Garmin
would be likely do (AFAIK Daryl has one the same). I doubt if the
TomTom would have any problem finding the shortest route either. :)

>Clearly I have no life...

Obviously you wouldn't be posting here if you did. ;-)

John H
From: D Walford on
On 9/04/2010 7:50 PM, John_H wrote:

>> I also tried that Chinkapook to Hopetoun one and it chose straight
>> down to Sea Lake, cut across on a sort of diagonal back road route to
>> Lascelles, then B200 to Hopetoun. Again, that looked correct
>> according to the printed map I have.
> My Chinkapook to Hopetoun suggestion was based on what the Garmin
> would be likely do (AFAIK Daryl has one the same). I doubt if the
> TomTom would have any problem finding the shortest route either. :)

I had to go from West Melton to Buninyong today, the GPS found the
address no problem but to me it seemed the route it took was all over
the place but the when the customer asked which way I came she was
impressed the GPS took me the way it did because apparently its the

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