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> Personally, I'd like to see a return to the days where wearing seat belts
> wasn't compulsory. Not because I don't think they're an effective safety
> tool, as I do, and I also think their use should be compulsory for children
> 16 and under. I just think the choice to wear one or not should be left up
> to the individual adult.
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And that's how my father-in-law died. The accident was a 'simple' t-
bone into the passenger side door of his car and he was the sole
occupant, but the car was pushed across from under him, he went
through the passenger window and the car rolled on him. He should have
simply ended up hanging upside down by the belt.

The problem of making them non-compulsory is the increased cost to
society (we must be to blame) and the insurance would be prohibitive.
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> Yet you still remained focused enough to post a few more times to
> Ozone????

Posting to Ozliar requires no brain activity.

> I urge you to have a look at the videos linked in my earlier post. Quite
> good I thought....

I've seen the video a number of times. It's been aound for a few years now.

The point I was making is that you posted comments relating to content in
the video first, and then taged the link to the video onto the end of your
post which made it difficult to understand what it was you were on about.
You post would have made more sense if you'd said something like "here,
watch this video".. posted the link and *then* commented about the content.

> maybe watch them when your not so tired, they may sink in then.

For the umpteenth time, and please read this three or four times before you
reply just to make sure you get the message, I'm *well* aware of the value
of seatbelts and *wasn't* saying that people shouldn't wear them. Only
someone who spent their entire life in a cave in Arkansas could be unaware
of their value as a road safety tool.


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> Ahhh Nod...It's not a theory anymore...You didn't read to the end
> where the link was....

See my reply to Scotty numbnuts.


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> No point

Translation: "I can't think of any sensational bullshit that's going to fly
at this time of night so I'll just suck it up and bail out".


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>See my reply to Scotty numbnuts.

You told him he should have put the link on the bottom.....You
obviously don't read that far.

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