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> > Isn't that just too bad for illegal Mexicans and drug dealing
> > blacks?
> Its easy to talk about something you have no clue about. A few years
> ago, a friend and I (both caucasians) were standing on a public beach in
> a small wealthy beach community just enjoying the morning sea air. A
> black man dressed in what looked like golf attire was standing a few
> hundred yards from us doing the same thing. The local cops pulled up and
> hassled him and wanted to know why he was there. Those same cops didn't
> bat an eye at my friend and me.

Beck pointed out that a car of darkskinned people could not be
stopped because of just that fact. They had to have vio
lated a law.

I went to a local intersection and did a survey.
Not one driver/rider failed to break a law except those going straight
on the main road. Those turning didn't signal and those "stopping" for
the sign/line did not do so properly.
Just thougt that I'd mention it.