From: George on
On Sun, 06 Jun 2010 16:47:36 -0400, aemeijers <aemeijers(a)> wrote:

>Dumb question- what is the best adhesive (preferably in a cheap
>single-use tube) for reattaching the 'Accord' nameplate to the trunk of
>my 99 Honda? ...

Not a recommendation, but a funny story. Years ago, my wife had a
Chevette, which had a strip of rubber-ish molding running along the
middle of the doors. This piece came off one door, and she just glued
it back on with regular Elmer's glue. I forget how she held it whle the
glue set, but I'm sure it was ... somewhat casually, let's say.

Amazingly to me, that trim stayed on for as long as we had the car - at
least a couple of years more.

From: Scott Dorsey on
aemeijers <aemeijers(a)> wrote:
>Or should I just pre-clean the spot, and stop by a body shop, and pay
>the ten bucks for them to glue it back on with their trade-only stuff in
>the electric caulking gun? I know, it is 11 years old at this point, but
>aside from the decently-repaired fender, the body is still virginal, no
>rust, and it only has 105k on it. As little as I use it, it should go
>another 5-6 years, easy.

They'd use a 3M trim adhesive, which you can buy at your FLAPS.
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