From: john wright on
On 17/03/2010 09:06, Bod wrote:
> On 17/03/2010 00:12, Conor wrote:
>> On 15/03/2010 22:26, Harry Bloomfield wrote:
>>> Conor submitted this idea :
>>>> However....
>>>> See me after I'd been stood up for 10-20 minutes or carrying something
>>>> and you'd realise just how bad I am but people like you never do.
>>> Which has what relevance to my comments?
>>> I have no problem at all with anyone making full use of a blue badge, or
>>> the provision of cars for those who have a need for such. I do take
>>> exception to misuse and abuse of either or both provisions.
>> The point being made is that you're assuming its being abused based on
>> what you see as they get out which may not tell you the full story.
> We have neighbours who use the badge regularly. They also play golf at
> least twice a week, which obviously means walking miles. They definitely
> do not need it. I assume they are not alone with taking advantage of the
> blue badge.

But as had been said before they may be in temporary remission from
something like cancer - they, or one of them, may have qualified for
onre in the past and may again in the future.


John Wright
From: Bod on
On 22/03/2010 16:55, Adrian wrote:
> Bod<bodron57(a)> gurgled happily, sounding much like they were
> saying:
>>>> I would be more inclined to say it was because of the modern
>>>> safety design of the car; crumple zones/airbags/seat belts etc.
>>> The airbag didn't deploy. The pyrotechnic seatbelt tensioners didn't
>>> deploy. The car had only minor panel damage and was driveable.
>> The, I assume you're going to say then, that it was the good quality
>> tyres?
> Nope.
Give up.

From: Adrian on
Albert T Cone <a.k.kirby(a)> gurgled happily, sounding much like
they were saying:

>> Mine's on an Ami Super chassis, with a 1220 G engine...

> I'm afraid I'm almost completely ignorant of what that means.

They're normally 602cc, 29bhp.
This one's 1220cc, 60bhp -before...

>> ...and will be meeting Mr MegaSquirt... probably 400kg...

> I dunno what your electronics is like, but when you do get round to it,
> if you want a hand with it, give me a shout.

I've already built the ECU itself - a few years ago.

The wiring loom's going to be built from scratch. I'll give you a shout
when that approaches.