From: Edd Hartley on
My name is Edd Hartley and I am a UK based professional photographer who
specialises in vehicle and automotive photography. I am working on a
project to offer professional car photography to members of the general
public who love their cars.

These could be classics, custom cars, kit cars, niche market vehicles or
simply standard production cars.

I would offer these shoots at scenic locations around the UK. The exact
venue would depend on the origin of the vehicles taking part.

I aim to get two car owners from a similar area to meet up with me at a
mutually agreed starting point and then using the surrounding roads I
would spend approximately 3 hours shooting each vehicle.

I would shoot static shots, action shots, tracking shots, detail shots
and rig shots (subject to damage waiver). These are the typical range of
shots you would expect to get in a car magazine feature.

These would be very much a hands-on photography experience because as I
am shooting one vehicle there will be a few times when the driver of the
second vehicle will need to act as my photography assistant. This should
prevent the need for me to employ another person simply to assist me a
few times during the day and keep the price down for the car owners.

At the end of the day we would part having had (hopefully) an
interesting day and the following week I would be able to supply each
car owner with a CD/DVD containing between 15-20 high resolution images
of their pride and joy. You would then be allowed to use them yourselves
in any way you wished. That could include getting prints and canvases
made or sending them to your friends.

I am aiming at being able to offer this at a price, similar to that of a
track day or super car experience day, something that you might buy as a
present for a family member.

To help me judge the validity of the project and to help me try to
finalise the details I would appreciate it if you could complete the
online questionnaire.

If you wish to remain anonymous that is fine, but if you give me your
name and e-mail address, I will be selecting one UK respondent from a
hat and giving them free car photo shoot to say thank-you. (Closing Date
31 March 2010).

If you know of someone else who loves their car and may be interested in
this idea, feel free to point them here so they can give me their
opinion too. The more feedback I can get from the motoring community the

Further details and the online questionnaire can be found at:

Cheers all,