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> Are you more confused now?  :-)

What was the question again? :-)
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> It's still not illegal unless there's a law against it.

There is no law saying you can't have a bit of pipe bolted into your car
that I'm aware of. However, there are specific regulations about how they're
supposed to be configured if you do. If yours doesn't meet those regulations
then it is illegal.

It's that simple.

> The engineer/ tester can name the piece of pipe behind the seat or the
> pack of tissues in the glovebox or the side-of-lamb on the passenger-floor
> an illegal modification but that don't make it so.

Wanna bet?

The onus is on you to prove that it is what you say it is, and if push comes
to shove and you & an engineer have to stand before a beak to get it sorted
I don't have to tell you how much authority your word carries.


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> >> Who said anything about a "roll cage"?!!?
> > The guy who asked the question originally.
> Then direct your reply to his post; not mine.  I was just talking about some
> pipe that I happen to have in my car. You may think it looks like a roll
> cage but it's just some pipe.

Don't be an obtuse troll. It doesn't suit you. In response to these
posts (which you quoted, btw):

" Has anyone made ther own chassis/roll cage? any advice or tips?
I can tig weld, but dont have a bender or notcher yet."

"> I don't mean to be a party pooper - but you know it's not legal to
> your own?"

You replied:

"There's a law about whether you can have a few bits of pipe in your

IOW, you were referencing roll cages. Which are covered by the
regulations as mentioned by others in this thread.

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> > Has anyone made ther own chassis/roll cage? any advice or tips?
> > I can tig weld, but dont have a bender or notcher yet.
> Follow the other guys advice (esp. Athol) on this - one thing I'll
> add, however, is depending on what you're intending to do with the
> car, just be sure that the regulations for your intended race class
> allow the cage to be extended to the suspension mounts, or not, and
> how far etc.  A bit of research could save a lot of headache!
> Cheers,
> Steve
> (an extra brace diagonally across the bottom of the shell (perhaps
> incorporating tailshaft loop?) could radically increase rigidity)
> *They are also used to increase body rigidity.

No! Really?!? I wouldn't have guessed. Oh, wait a minute,

It's also why you have to check with what's allowed in the regulations
that you wish to race under - some regs won't allow you to extend the
cage to the strut towers, or beyond, because it gives unfair advantage
due to increased rigidity.