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Harry Bloomfield wrote:
> I have been working my way gradually through some of the minor faults
> and annoyances which came with this car and I have just got to a noise
> from the steering as you turn the wheel at low speed.
> It is a twang from the suspension spring as you turn it one way, then
> another as you turn it back, close to the straight ahead position of
> the wheel. This I understand is because of the bearing or bush on top
> of the strut being slightly tight, then suddenly releasing. It works
> smoothly the rest of the way either side of that.
> Question - Can this bush or bearing be lubricated?
> Alternatively, if I were to jack it up and undo the three nuts holding
> the strut top into the turret under the bonnet, would it do any good
> to turn that through 120 degrees to the next position along?
> I cannot see much detail of how it works from the exploded diagrams.

Harry. I don't know if you are still following this thread. The Pipex news
server has had authentication problems for just over a week and I have been
unable to log in to it, so I missed this post when you first put it up.

I had a similar problem to this with a front spring 'twanging'. Turned out
to be a small road chipping that had been flung up and into the 'cup' that
the bottom end of the spring sits in. The spring would 'slip off' this stone
and make the noise.

The only difference was that my 'twang' occurred when taking a LH bend and
the offside spring (where the stone was sitting) became compressed. It may
be that this is not your problem - but it would be worth checking (if you
haven't already resolved the issue!).


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Dave Plowman (News) brought next idea :
> They did try and stop the news service a while back - started by
> restricting access to certain times of the day. And blocked the ports to
> the other news servers at the same time. I faxed the MD and said I'd
> change ISP if this continued.

Seems not to be a very logical argument for blocking it - very few
using it, hence very little bandwidth occupied, so throttle it. Similar
happened on Tiscali. They throttled it and eventually closed their
server down. I subscribed to (free) and bypassed
Tiscali's throttling using a none standard port. All works fine now and

Harry (M1BYT) (L)

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