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Yes you are correct, senility is not a fatality. I am looking forward
to a settlement with Newmont / Newcrest, under prompting by the
present WA Government of Colin Barnett, where one my finding regarding
immediate cure of Cancer & any cancer at that, will be made available
to the world for free. Particularly from China people have been asking
me for it, but such invention cannot be made available unless some
aspect of Natural Justice are applied ... although so many years
remote from the original With this system, all kind of diseases
ranging from leprosy, tuberculosis up to AIDs can be cured in no time,
and with the added boon of not using any chemicals nor pharma drugs
indeed. Foremost it is dirt cheap, and the 2 only components are
infinitely available. This said, this will not prevent people knowing
at long last what is the real cause of their problems, to wit that
germs, viruses & modified genes are' consequences not causes, to take
proper step not to fall ill. .

Regarding tunnels, I am afraid a major upheaval will not protect those
who rely on such for survival. Just like the previous inhabitants to
the Earth of previously advanced civilizations, the changing
conditions induced will only delay their inevitable death. Here again
as in health & related subjects the solution is not alleviate the
consequences of wars or whatever, this is to address the causes. One
of the main one being the so-called circumcision & abominable
sacrilege against the perfection of creation, inducing madness in its
victims and the consecutive lack of higher perception.

With kind regards

Jean-Paul Turcaud
Discoverer & Legal Owner of Telfer Mine (Australia largest Copper &
Gold Mine)
Nifty (Cu) & Kintyre (U, Th) Mines, all in the Great Sandy Desert
Exploration Geologist & Offshore Consultant
Founder of the True Geology

~ Ignorance is the Cosmic Sin, the One Never Forgiven ~

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