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: > My old man walked away when when the dude stuck his finger in I
laughed and
: > called him back telling him nothing happened, it then hit me up till 5
: > ago he spent 30 years working in timber yards, my punishment for
laughing was
: > him describing in detail all the saw injuries he has witnessed. He wins.
: >
: > I remember about 1989 when at swansea high a wood work teach ran two
: > through the band saw in front of a yr 9 class, to his credit he put the
: > stumps in his mouth and casually walked out the room.
: My old man was a chippie. 2 stories that spring to mind are a guy who did
: femoral artery with a circular saw. All the guys on site were called to
: this guy die as a warning. The other one was a guy sticking his thumbs
: while using a bandsaw. He cut one off and had to get it surgically
: 10 weeks later he was back at work and doing the same job. Careful not to
: off his newly reattached thumb he held his thumb to the side and promptly
: off the other one.
: Fraser

Larges furniture have on their bandsaw an interesting piece of artwork.
Looks like abbo artwork on a cave wall. It's a hand that has been held up
and then spray painted over to leave the outline of a four fingered hand to
remind you every time you go to use the bandsaw. Works well and the guys
know, if you ask about it, to give you the safety lecture if you're a
labourer. I think it was caused by a knot in the wood and it was the little
finger missing by memory. Not that many places have as many nasty machines
as cabinet makers (the old style ones anyway), well perhaps the springworks
did but they looked scary enough to keep away.

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