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And of course the car criminals are whining about the "nanny state"
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hell with the kids.

School crossing ladies with cameras in their lollipop

By Daily Mail Reporter
Last updated at 9:54 AM on 3rd July 2010

Stop... and smile: A council is testing 'lolli-cam' cameras at
crossings to catch motorists who fail to stop
Lollipop ladies have a new weapon against drivers who fail to stop at
school crossings - secret cameras hidden in their sticks.

The cameras, installed in a black strip on the pole, film for 19
seconds when the stop sign is raised vertically.
It is thought this will be long enough to snap any motorist who
ignores the lollipop lady's request to stop.

Derek Prodger, the council's cabinet member-for transport, said: 'It's
unbelievable that we have to take this action.
'The lives of children are at risk from increasing numbers of selfish
drivers who are willing to put lives at risk by refusing to stop for
30 seconds at a school crossing.

The patrols have the same legal status as a red light, meaning the
penalty for ignoring them is a £1,000 fine or penalty points.