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Dyno wrote:

> Roller valvetrains are universally used? Er, ah I don't think so. For
> example: I-4's in Mazda 3/6, Ford Focus and Fusion I-4's use direct
> acting mechanical bucket tappets. Ford's 3.0L DOHC is a DAMB. These are
> pretty mainstream engines.
> And anyway the original discussion was NOT about roller finger follower
> or other roller valvetrains. It was about hydraulic vs mechanical. You
> added the roller valvetrain tangent. And I already agreed with you that
> a roller valvetrain will have the lowest friction.

I said "virtually" universally used, and that's true because roller-cam
engines outnumber sliders at least 10:1 in the marketplace. One or two
low-end Ford/Mazda engines do not a majority make, even if millions are
sold. You can't debate the virtues of hydro lash adjusters without
putting it in the context of roller vs. slider, because roller followers
eliminate some of the presumed disadvantages of hydro lash adjusters.
That was the only point I intended, and I don't think I disagreed with
you either. IF you are constrained to a slider cam for cost reasons,
then it makes sense to eliminate the lash adjusters too. Its "system"
design thinking vs. "component" design thinking- what pieces work
TOGETHER the best.

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On Tue, 05 Aug 2008 13:36:09 -0500, Steve <no(a)spam.thanks> wrote:

>Vic Smith wrote:
>> On Fri, 01 Aug 2008 11:58:47 -0500, Steve <no(a)spam.thanks> wrote:
>>>> How may car owners ever use the automatic transmission dip stick?
>>> All of them with half a brain.
>>> How often do you actually add ENGINE oil? I never need to between
>>> changes, but I still CHECK it weekly. Same with the transmission fluid.
>>> The whole idea of maintenance is to CATCH a potential problem before it
>>> becomes costly. Eliminating the transmission dipstick pretty much
>>> guarantees a low-fluid failure will ultimately destroy the transmission,
>>> be it at 10,000 miles or 200,000 miles.
>> Hard to imagine not having a trans dipstick.
>Open the hood of any late model Toyota. :-(

2006 Corolla has them. I think that's a late model Toyota.

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