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I am not going to spend a bunch of time looking for something to back up
my post.

Heh, a few days ago, I started working on that pecan tree stump in my
front yard. (I am too scared to use a chainsaw) The next day it was
pouring down rain.The next day I worked on that stump again.Today it is
too cold outside.That tree stump isn't going anywhere for a while.
cuhulin, the stump

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An old metal handle tree saw, has a blade about forty inches long, rusty
and some missing teeth.I bought the saw at a Goodwill store about twenty
years ago.I set the teeth over a little bit with my old Stanley saw set
tool and I sharpened the teeth.I make a few verticle cuts on the stump
and then I do some horizontal cuts.The old blade won't cut straight,
right now that stump looks like a nightmare, like something in a horror

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Slept in your car, did you?
I have been to a bunch of places in other states and Mexico too.I always
slept in my van.I had a foam mattress attatched to a piece of plywood to
sleep on.And I had an old spare battery for my 12 volt electric fan and
a one burner small propane cooker thingy.It was just like spending the
nights at a ritzy hotel.

In November of 1971 I bought my 1914 Ford T Model from a guy in Sioux
Falls,South Dakota.I brought my car home in a U-Haul truck.I was running
low on gas when I got to Kinsley,Kansas, it was around 11:00 PM.I spent
the night in the cab of that U-Haul truck right there in the parking lot
by the gas pumps at a Vickers gas station.The gas station didn't open
untill 9:00 AM in the morning.