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> > could the lessening of people "speeding" be put down to the higher price
> > of petrol, and people trying to get better MPG as opposed to getting
> > somewhere in less time?
> Yes , absolutely.
> Average speeds dropped last time fuel prices peaked and the same is
> happening now.
> > I have even noticed the "white van man" is now slowing down a bit..
> > there is a perception (it seems) that 56mph = best speed for economy
> > (disproved for many cars),
> Here we go again - idiots claiming that 85 is more economical than 60
> --
> Alex

Depends if you only take into account fuel costs, some could argue
that one's travelling time has a value and an hour saved on say LDN
MAN is more valuable.
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> I have also noticed that when on a road with speed calming bumps (sleeping
> policemen), the general method of tackling is,  slow for bump,  drive over
> carefully, once over,  foot to the floor, brake like hell for the next, slow
> over etc etc.. this has actually (to my mind) created a new danger, the
> drivers are so preoccupied with getting from one hump to the next, they
> focus most of their attention to that goal, rather than looking out for the
> loons who have forgotten that pavements are for them, and roads are for
> Vehicles.

If these ridiculous items were removed from our streets I could drive
my sports car at the indivated speed limit at these area (normally 20)
instead of having to slow down to cross over them and not scrape the
underside of my car or destroy the suspension. The vehicles that need
to be slowed by them have large enough wheel base so they glide over
without even touching them, which is why I see fuckwits in vans, 4x4s
and large cars speeding through the 20 zone in Torphicen, the zone is
outside a primary school.