From: Brimstone on
M............ wrote:
> Following up to Brimstone
>>> Don't you agree, only a cretin would re-post 100 lines of text just
>>> to add two words?
>> Don't you agree, only a moronic cretin would bother to post at all to
>> comment on the fact that someone else hadn't snipped an amusing post?
> Dont you agree arguing with certins is cretinous.... and he has a
> point.

Don't you agree that pointing out that arguing with certins is cretinous is
also cretinous?

I disagree that he has a point unless it's second or third response; see
M..........'s post.

From: Adrian on
"M............" <mmmmmmtheobvious(a)> gurgled happily,
sounding much like they were saying:

>> I'd bet on 55 in a 60 being seen as acceptable

> but not if its snowing, pouring, a bus load of kids are unloading,
> theres a queue to a boot fair in total confusion etc etc, hence its not
> a target but the maximum.

No, it's a target - but with the caveat that conditions may dictate a
lower speed.

That's really not a very difficult concept for most people to grasp.
From: Abo on
kid joe wrote:
> On Thu, 18 Sep 2008 00:42:08 +0200, Keith wrote:
>> On 17 Sep 2008 at 22:23, kid joe wrote:
>>> This is a big problem, cos I've only had my license 8 months, so still
>>> in the probationary period, and I already have 3 points from a
>>> misfunctioning Gatzo a while back. Is there any chance that a court
>>> could just give me a fine and no points for this?
>> Strange to say, you may just be in luck - if you were doing 100, then
>> you'll probably get a short driving ban, but this won't actually
>> contribute any points to your licence, so you won't get the 6 points
>> needed to force you to do a re-test.
> That would be a great loophole! I know everyone wants to have a laugh at
> my misfortune, go ahead, just please give me good advice like this for the
> NIP while you're at it.
> Would I be able to get the ban on an FPN? I'd rather avoid a trip to court :)
>> From your description it sounds like you completely misjudged an
>> overtake and panicked when you realized you were approaching the brow of
>> a hill and needed to get back on your own side of the road quickly. In
>> that case, forget about the points - you should consider yourself bloody
>> lucky to be alive. Learning to overtake safely is one of the most
>> difficult things to get right - and redoing the L-test certainly won't
>> help you with it...
> No, it was a completely safe overtake, I was back on my side just before
> the top of the hill, only just past the point where the centre line goes
> solid so that you can't begin an overtake. Basically I blame the fucker in
> front of me - he was dawdling along at 55mph, less that the "official"
> speed limit and much less than the safe camera-limit of 68mph. He might
> have all the time in the world but I need to study in the day, then do an
> evening shift at a nursing-home to get some extra cash, and I was already
> late for work.
> The speedo was pretty close to 100 when I looked down, but that was only
> when I'd accelerated partway down the hill and saw the talivan, so I
> may only have been doing 80 or so when I came over the brow. Sounds like
> I'd better hope I was going faster :)

It sounds like the overtake was irrelevant; you were late for work and
willing to do 100 on an NSL, I reckon you'd have been doing that sort of
speed regardless of the need to pass another vehicle.

Maybe you could use your ban period to work on your planning and time
management skills?

From: Brimstone on
M............ wrote:
> Following up to Brimstone
>> Nor are you sufficiently intelligent to work that a poster has made
>> an error and missed out three keystrokes.
> I spotted it Mr Brim, can i have a brownie point?

You can have a Gold Star (of the 650cc variety if you wish).

From: Brimstone on
M............ wrote:
> Following up to Brimstone
>>> I spotted it Mr Brim, can i have a brownie point?
>> You can have a Gold Star (of the 650cc variety if you wish).
> i woudlnt mind a bike, no front number plate, I could do 100 on NSL
> roads......

When late for work/college/whaever!

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